My thoughts on Woopra – Real Time Customer Analytics

If we need to track people as individuals a service I’ve recommended is Woopra.  This is a 3rd party service that I’ve used.  It is incredibly easy to use, (Javascript embedded code)  and could do more than we can ever could do on our own.  The reporting backend is simple to use that even non-technical people can get around it after a few mouse clicks.  We can track who they are, what pages they went to, tie it to any action not only the ones that are obviously important like …

  • What pages they visit
  • Orders returned
  • Order made
  • Stuff they put into the cart, stuff they taken out, the quantity, etc..
  • How much $$ they ever spend on the site.

But we can go into the most minute details such as…

  • Did they ever talked to a customer service chat
  • Filled out a contact form and what they submitted
  • Signed up to any newsletter and what are they
  • Click on a slider button
  • Toggle an accordion
  • Click a share button
  • Click read more to flip through more products to browse and on which page
  • If ever change their passwords
  • A full history of what all the items they ever put into their wish list.
  • When they login, or logout.

Because it keeps a full history of everything you get the entire activity history from day 0ne ALL in one place.  I also believe this includes activity PRIOR to their registration process because it works by providing a temp ID that is stored and upon registration you can link up to the real ID.

See screenshot in terms of how easy it is to do reporting or for a customer service representative to instantly look up to better serve the customer since the CSR (customer service representative) would know basically what that person ever did on the site.

Woopra Screenshot Example

(click on thumbnail to enlarge)

The 3rd party stores a full detail history of that person.  It’s very fast and can work in the background.  Since I’ve last used it, they offer APIs to export out this information so repurposing the data is limitless.  It already provides integration support to Salesforce (not sure if this means ET) and Marketo.