My Daily Newspaper

Several times a week I’ll check several industry sources that keeps me in tuned with going on in the general web development industry.  I thought I can share them here so that others can find value in them and recommend some new ones.  These are sources I’ve been using for several months and some have spanned several years.  I know it can be overbearing to search Google for “web development podcasts” and “web development blogs” and get hundreds of results.  These sources listed here have been vetted out and I stand by them 100%.

Having a bunch of RSS feeds to blogs in itself can be a lot to handle.  I use an aggregator called Feedly, that allows me to rapidly scan new blog posts and properly organize several different type of blogs in their own respective categories.  For blogs I have:

  • – Chris Lema is a staple in the WordPress community.  He’s an advisor I trust a lot.  His blogs covers almost everything from WordPress to running a business that revolves around WordPress.
  • – Smashing Magazine is a great resource for front-end web development.
  • – Speckyboy Design Magazine covers pretty much the same topics as above.
  • – Securi is well known in the WordPress community.  Their plugin is one of the best security plugins on the market, and I’m a major fan of theirs.  Their blog is a great source for WordPress and general security.
  • – WP Security Lock covers similar topics as above but the articles lend towards end-users.  I would typically pass these articles onto clients to read as they are more easily digestible.  Plus I met the CEO once, and she really knows her stuff!
  • – Brandon Savage’s content by far has made a big difference in my development recently.  He talks about advance level object-oriented design patterns and workflows.  This is a must follow resource for any professional back-end web developer.
  • – Sometimes you just want to enjoy a good joke or two related to programming to cheer up a bad day ruin by killer bugs.  This is my go-to place for that.

In terms of audio podcasts I only have a couple.  I do wish I could follow more since I find listening to podcasts much more convenient then reading RSS feeds.  I can listen to them during walks, at the gym, or waiting in line at the grocery market.  The bad thing is that it’s hard to take notes when something good comes along.

  • WP Kitchen Sink with Adam Silver – I met Adam once at WordCamp Chicago, and ever since then I’ve been listening to his podcast.  I really enjoy his short format.  Most are around 20 minutes.
  • Matt Report – Want to run a WP business? This is the podcast for you. A mixture of WP and the business of web dev.

I also subscribe to e-newsletters on technologies I use.

And finally for Youtube I’ve subscribe to the following channels.