Converting WordPress Blog Posts to Word Doc For eBook Publishing For Free

If you’re wanting to export your WordPress blog posts into a Word doc, and especially for free, there isn’t much options.  I didn’t have much luck using Aspose DOC Exporter, Print My Blog, and other various WordPress plugins I found articles scattered across the internet.  After researching and trying several methods that I found online, I finally got this method to work (as long as you don’t mind the lower resolution for images).  However, you can opt, for the premium service to export to high resolution.  There is also a limitation that will only allow you to export out blog posts in the past year.  Luickly for me the blog post publish date isn’t as important for me so I just made all my blogs post-fall within the year.  Else you’ll have to reschedule all your blog posts, but that can easily but tediously be done.  This plugin, Editorial Calendar , may help ease the pain a little.

If you go to the link above, you’ll be able to insert your WordPress blog URL and choose among several export options.

Once I run the export, I was given all the blog posts in one Word doc file.  So in order to then split up each blog post to their own individual word doc file, I had to follow instructions from this video.

And there you go, the most straight forward way to migrate all your WordPress blog posts to Microsoft Word!