Tyndale.com / NavPress.com
Back-End Stack
PHP, PHPUnit, Slim MVC, Composer, Azure, SQL, Git
Front-End Stack
React, Grunt, SCSS, JavaScript, ES6, Mustache, NPM

Tyndale.com and NavPress.com is a ground-up, first of a kind from the company’s history standpoint full eCommerce site geared specifically to the Christian retail market with almost 9,400 unique SKUs, more than 37,700 accounts and an average of 80,000 users per month.

I was responsible for leading the development team which included both internal developers and external vendors as well as developing the core components during this 12-month project.  I was heavily involved during the planning and scoping of the project in a group that included designers, network administrators, VPs, and project stakeholders.  The scope of this high-priority project also extends to submitting orders and retrieving inventory information from J.D. Edwards, our internal ERP system, as well as our internal proprietary Publishing System.

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